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Winter Nail Care!

Winter Nail Care!

Winter Nail Care Routine Winter is a season that can take a toll on your skin, hair and nails. The harsh cold weather can lead to dry, brittle and cracking nails. To keep your nails healthy, it's important to follow a winter nail care routine. Here are a few tips to help you keep your nails looking their best this winter.

1. Hydration: The key to healthy nails is hydration. Keep your nails hydrated by applying a moisturizing lotion or oil to your cuticles and nails every day. This will help to prevent dryness and cracking.

2. Avoid over-exposure to water: Excessive exposure to water can cause your nails to become dry and brittle. Make sure to wear gloves when washing dishes, doing laundry or taking a shower to prevent over-exposure.

3. Use a protective base coat: Before applying your regular nail polish, use a protective base coat to prevent nails from becoming stained or damaged by the harsh chemicals in nail polish.

4. Limit the use of nail polish remover: The chemicals in nail polish remover can be harsh on your nails, causing them to become dry and brittle. Limit the use of nail polish remover and opt for a acetone-free formula.

5. Avoid biting your nails: Biting your nails can cause them to become brittle, break and become infected. Try to avoid this bad habit and keep your nails trimmed and filed.

6. Nail strengthening treatments: Consider using a strengthening treatment to help keep your nails healthy and strong. Look for treatments that contain vitamins and minerals such as biotin, calcium and keratin. By following these simple tips, you can keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful all winter long. Remember to be patient, as it may take some time for your nails to recover from the harsh winter weather. Stay warm and enjoy the winter season!

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