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Stay Cool: Tips for a Comfortable Nail Salon Experience

Stay Cool: Tips for a Comfortable Nail Salon Experience

It can be difficult to keep the salon cool and comfortable throughout the summer due to the increase in temperature. Here, the use of salon fans and low heat settings for lighting can significantly help the situation.

Salon Fans: A couple additional salon fans might help with air circulation and temperature control. This can be especially helpful when the salon is busy and the ventilation can get constrained. Air can be circulated throughout the salon using ceiling fans, pedestal fans, or wall-mounted fans, making sure that your clients are comfortable and relaxed. The Cre8tion Mini Salon Fan is a perfect fan to put on the desk to ventilate the odors and keeping the client cool.

Cre8tion Mini Salon Fan F5, Mini Salon Fan, Fan, Salon Fan

Cre8tion Mini Salon Fan F5

Low Heat Modes: When curing gel nails, the heat produced can sometimes make the salon feel uncomfortable. Using low heat modes in your gel curing lamps can not only reduce heat but also prevent the nails from being damaged or over-cured. Though it may take a bit longer to cure, this can create a more pleasant experience for your clients and make them more likely to return to your nail salon.

Mood-changing colors: Adding mood-changing colors to your nail polishes is an excellent way to create a fun and unique experience for your clients. The colors change when exposed to UV light, sunlight, or when you're holding a cold drink on a hot summer day. Check out the Cre8tion's Mood Changing Soak Off Gel M43 or LeChat's Perfect Match Mood Changing Gel Sundance.

Cre8tion's Mood Changing Soak Off Gel M43

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