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AI Generated Nail Inspirations

AI Generated Nail Inspirations

How do you feel about AI creativity?

While we talk about artificial nails, we can also discuss Artificial Intelligence’s impact on the Nail Industry

  • Where does it fail?

    • In the nail industry, where hands are important, one area it struggled was with hands. There is no separation and too many fingers. With recent iterations, it has improved, but still can have its flaws. Here are some examples we generated using Microsoft CoPilot and MidJourney. Notice some still have an extra finger, but the natural appearance of the skin improved. Also notice one of them seems to already have a watermark at the cuticle. perhaps from what it was inspired from, AI decided to include a form of a watermark

    • Prompt Used - Nails with spring Color

  • Where does it inspire?

    • With AI, it has a more vast library to inspire from or “copy” and re-iterate. Instead of scrolling yourself, trialing yourself, you can let AI come up with ideas that can expand the barriers further of what one can do with nail design. We’ve gone from traditional acrylics to gel nails, gel tips, and press-ons with wilder and faster results that can be easily changed with less and less impact to your natural nails
    • Example Shared -
      • This has been hot on Social Media, but can it be done? 
   Credit: @Miu2_4miu, @blondivika_nsk, @ainailart

 Credit: @Miu2_4miu, @blondivika_nsk, @ainailart 

  • Where it may go?

    • AI is here to stay, and it may become less noticeable as it integrates deeper into what the nail industry demands from a manufacturer, distributor, and service provider. Instead of having to check multiple websites or scrolling for 45 minutes on Instagram, you can find for a spring blue that combines a seasonal tint with your love for chocolate chip ice cream.

    • Generate with Prompt - Nails with spring blue and chocolate chip ice cream 2 times



  • What are you using for your inspirations?

    • Prompt - Nails that look like crystal diamond


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