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Voesh Collagen Socks

par Voesh
Prix d'origine $2.75 - Prix d'origine $125.00
Prix d'origine
$2.75 - $125.00
Prix actuel $2.75

Slip your feet into our Collagen Socks, now with a new and improved 100% vegan formula. Infused with our NEW vegan collagen, argan oil, and shea butter, these socks deliver an intensive foot treatment in just 15 minutes or less. Nourishing and moisturizing, these foot masks are the perfect remedy for dry skin, thanks to their extreme hydrating properties. With the convenient, patented design, they’re a great addition to any pedicure. Simply tear off the toe tips along the perforated edges for an all-in-one pedicure treatment.

How To Use : 

Step 1: Carefully remove socks from the package. Separate left and right socks following the pre-cut line in the center.
Step 2: Put socks on clean, dry feet and affix them with attached stickers for a perfect fit.
Step 3: Wear for 10-15 minutes for intense hydration.
Step 4: Tear off toe tips along the pre-cut lines. Wipe off excess lotion from toenails with alcohol or acetone. Paint the nails with the color of your choice.
Step 5: Remove socks and dispose. Massage excess lotion onto feet and lower legs. No rinsing needed.

Perfect For:

  • Intensive Foot Care
  • Pedicure Prep / Add-on Treatment
  • Netflix & Chill

    Scent : 

    • Mint & Botanical Extracts

    • Argan Oil & Floral Extracts

    • Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil

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