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  • Gel, GelX, Gel-X, Apres, Soft Gel Tip, Nail Tip, Soft Gel Nail Tip, Nail Supply, Nail Supply Store
    septembre 1, 2023

    Soft Gel Tip Application Guide

    This blog is designed to mastering the art of soft gel nail application, from prepping your nails to achieving a flawless finish. Whether you are a professional nail technician seeking to perfect your technique or a nail enthusiast looking to...

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  • Fun Summer Nail Colors for 2023
    juin 26, 2023

    Fun Summer Nail Colors for 2023

    Now that summer has arrived, it's the ideal time to experiment with new manicure colors and tints.  Since there are so many vivid, bright, and dramatic colors available, picking the ideal one might be difficult. But don't worry! We've put...

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  • How To Remove Acrylic Nails
    mai 2, 2023

    How To Remove Acrylic Nails

    Items you'll need: Pure acetone Cotton balls Aluminum foil Nail clippers Nail file Cuticle pusher Step 1: Clip and file your nails Using the nail clippers, trim your acrylic nails down to a short length. It's best to keep them...

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  • Are Gel Manicures Safe?
    mars 14, 2023

    Are Gel Manicures Safe?

    Although a common trend, are gel manicures safe? A report states that there are some worries over the potential dangers of UV exposure during the curing process. Although the risk is very low, the article advises that safety measures...

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  • Valentine's Day, Hearts, Pink Hearts, Pink Clouds, Nail Supply Store, Nail Supply, C8 Nail Supply
    février 6, 2023

    Valentine's Gift

    Love is often expressed through grand gestures, but sometimes it's the little things that count. Taking time to relax and rejuvenate is a great way to show someone you care. Whether you're celebrating with your special someone or treating yourself,...

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